What’s new in version 3.3 for Android

The Nice Places application for Android devices has been updated to version 3.3, introducing two new features. Before we see what they are, we want to point out that the splash screen and the main menu have a new background in which the dome and the bell tower of Siena Cathedral appear.

Despite screenshots are in Italian, the app is correctly translated in English.

Centro notifiche

Thanks to the app’s push notifications, users were able to stay up to date on the latest places inserted and articles published on the blog, but the notifications were not stored and could not be consulted except at the time of receipt.
Now notifications are stored on the user’s device which can be read later thanks to a new screen accessible from the main menu. This means, however, that if the user uninstalls the application he loses all the notifications saved up to that moment.

Ricerca luoghi

Another function Nice Places needed was a keyword search. With this update, in the Explore section, a search bar has been inserted at the top of the screen. Using it is easy and will allow you to find a place by writing its name (or part of it) or some words that appear in the description.

Altri miglioramenti

As is usually the case, each update brings with it other small improvements to the performance and stability of the application. On the graphics side, we have tried to improve the look of the fonts by making the titles of the list elements a bit smaller.
Technical note: this is the first version of Nice Places to be written in Kotlin; previous versions were, of course, written in Java.

If you haven’t done it yet, download Nice Places for Android from Google Play Store!

Nice Places

Nice Places takes you to discover the places of interest in your area, telling you briefly their history and their characteristics. Download now the Android app from Play Store!