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Since our database contains a few hundred places, it was only fair to understand which were the most viewed by our users. This ranking, in fact, is built from the visitors who came to our site and caused the Google Analytics counters associated with each individual page to increment.

The Nice Places Top 100 now appears among the lists on our website/webapp (link at the end of the article) and in this article we give you a taste of it by reporting the top 10. It’s not surprising that 80% of the list is composed of places in the province of Siena because it is the area where we have more coverage.

The publication of this ranking, as you might imagine, involves periodic updates, as the numbers on which it is based (in this case the last 12 months) are naturally bound to change.

Here are the most visited places:

  1. Site Transitoire (Siena)
  2. Abbey of San Galgano (Siena)
  3. The Smallest Window in the World (Siena)
  4. Castle of Capraia (Siena)
  5. Park of the Tebaide (Siena)
  6. Fortress of Castellina in Chianti (Siena)
  7. Cerreto a Merse (Siena)
  8. Stone of the Divine Comedy I (Siena)
  9. Fortezza da Basso (Florence)
  10. Church of Saint Fridianus (Florence)

Here you can read the whole list.

Photo: Emiliano Carchia, CC BY 3.0,

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