The places of Sovicille – Stigliano

Stigliano offers three small hamlets: Poggiarello, Palazzo and Poggio. In the twelfth century the village was dominated by the Ardengheschi family and the rights on its church, dedicated to the Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano, were divided between the Abbey of San Lorenzo al Lanzo and the Abbey of Torri. At the beginning of the thirteenth century, with the defeat of the Ardengheschi family, the village became part of the territory of Siena and the seat of a small municipality. In 1313 it was sacked by the army of Emperor Henry VII and in 1333 the village was destroyed by troops coming from Pisa, penetrated into the territory of Siena. In the village there are a lot of medieval structures, including a fourteenth-century loggia, a brick portico and another building with two beautiful Gothic windows. A tower with a sloping base and large arched windows is located in the hamlet called Palazzo; another stone tower characterizes the hamlet Poggio. Poggiarello retains the largest group of medieval buildings: among these there are a crenellated tower with a sloping base and two fourteenth-century houses, one with a brick porch and the other with two Gothic windows.

Photo and description: Pro Loco Sovicille