Sailko - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
Hermitage of Montesiepi
The hermitage of Montesiepi is located in Chiusdino, in the province of Siena, and was built immediately after the death of Saint Galgano over the old hut where he lived the last year of his life. The small complex consists of the circular church and the chapel. The church, inside, has a circular stone base and the roof was made with a hemispherical vault with concentric rings in two-color stone that recalls that of the Etruscan tombs. At the center takes place the famous rock in which is inserted the sword that, according to tradition, Galgano Guidotti would have inserted into the rock as a sign of renunciation of worldly life, retiring as a hermit. The chapel was built at the beginning of the fourteenth century and frescoed between 1334 and 1336 by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. There is a story that links Saint Galgano to the Holy Grail. Montesiepi is in fact one of the (many) places where it is said that the Holy Grail is buried, the chalice used by Jesus in the Last Supper: the shape of the hermitage of Montesiepi, in fact, resembles that of an inverted cup.

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