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Driving along the Sp 34/b towards Radi, after about 3 km, you will find the small fortified settlement of Campriano. It rises at the altitude of 306 meters almost as high as Crevole and Murlo to the north. Campriano lies on one of the hills that go beyond Radi and Corsano. His church, perhaps even more than all of the others, is linked to very complex and sometimes unclear events, that affected the castle. Campriano has never been part of the Episcopal Feud of Murlo; in fact, that castle, came to the Ardengheschi from the counts of Siena. It was explicitly excluded from the lands and fortresses that Count Ugolino di Ranuccio gave as a pledge in 1151 to the Bishop Panieri. Today the church of San Giovanni in Campriano, lost its parish rights, and it is reduced to a chapel. The community of Campriano became part of the Municipality of Murlo in 1833. Under the patronage of many noble Sienese families, from Tolomei to de Vecchi, the church has preserved much of the oldest structure. Inside, the altar on the left preserves mural paintings from the late sixteenth century, in which you can feel the fresh narrative tones of Ventura Salimbeni, especially in the posture of the female figures, traced with vivacity and quick brushstrokes. From the church comes a beautiful Madonna and Child by Pietro Lorenzetti, now in the Museum of Sacred Art of the Val d'Arbia in Buonconvento.

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