Pro Loco Sovicille
This village is located near the airport and offers various structures with medieval origins, including a well of the fourteenth century, located behind the church. The name Ampugnano is of Latin origin (perhaps from the personal name Lamponius) and Pago, the name of a farm located in short distance, seems to suggest the existence of a roman settlement (a pagus was a rural area with a small main village). The first documentation of Ampugnano dates back to 1172. In 1230, however, the village was part of the territory of Siena and in 1243 on the list of the small towns subjected to Siena. In 1333 Ampugnano suffered the incursions of the army led by Ciupo Scolari from Pisa. In 1366 the hamlet was united with that of Sovicille. The church is dedicated to S. Andrea and suffragan of the parish of Sovicille. It already existed in 1269, when it was mentioned in two deeds of Frederigo Giunta. Romanesque are the ends of the side walls and the semicircular apse.

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