Rudy and Peter Skitterians, Pixabay,
Abbey of San Galgano
The abbey of San Galgano is a Cistercian abbey and it's one of the most evocative places in Tuscany. Its most obvious detail is the lack of the roof. It is dedicated to San Galgano Guidotti, a Sienese hermit monk who lived in the 12th century, who, during his lifetime, came into contact with some Cistercian monks. Just the Cistercian monks took care of the construction of the abbey, following precise rules as the need to build the building near an important communication route: the Via Maremmana. Many parts of the original site are no longer there because they have been destroyed or collapsed, but the church, the cloister, the sacristy, the chapter house, the scriptorium, a chapel and the dormitory remain.

Near to Abbey of San Galgano

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