Gryffindor - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Pazzi Chapel
The Pazzi Chapel, built by Filippo Brunelleschi on commission of Andrea de' Pazzi, was built from 1429, works that continued even after the death of the famous architect in 1446. The work was to be carried out according to the principles developed in Rome, measuring and designing the ancient buildings, including the Pantheon. The structure of the chapel, preceded by an atrium on six Corinthian columns that flank the central arch, has a rectangular plan, consisting of a square room with an umbrella dome and two wings covered by barrel vaults with lacunars. Numerous artists have contributed to the decoration of the interior of the work, such as Giuliano da Maiano, Luca della Robbia, Brunelleschi, Alesso Baldovinetti. It was never completed because of the consequences that the de' Pazzi family suffered as a result of the conspiracy against the Medici da Jacopo and Francesco de' Pazzi together with the Archbishop of Pisa Francesco Salviati.

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