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The village is surrounded by the woods of the Montagnola area. It offers only a few traces of its medieval origins. In the church, built in Romanesque period, but renewed several times, there is a baptismal font (dating back to the twelfth or thirteenth century) with sculpted a human figure who shows the three fingers of one hand, referring to the Trinity. Currently dedicated to S. Bartolomeo, it was known as the church of San Quirico a Tonni in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, when it belonged (according to the testimony of two documents) to the Abbey of Torri. The village of San Quirico a Tonni is mentioned in several documents of 1300 and we know that in the middle of that century, it was the seat of a municipality with many small settlements, including Borgo Pretale and Reniere. The main activity of the inhabitants of Tonni was the extraction of marble: there are two contracts of 1320, with whom Puccio del fu Orlando of San Quirico a Tonni, commited to hand over a few pieces of white Montagnola marble for jobs in the church of S. Giovanni Battista and the church of S. Giacomo, both in Pistoia.

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