Porta Camollia
Legend says that in the 8th century B.C. Romulus, the founder of Rome, sent the leader Camulio to capture his nephews Aschio and Senio. Camulio set up his camp here and the place took his name, transformed into Camollia over the years. Because of its position, facing the city of Florence, it has always been the most controlled and the most defended of all the city gates since it faced the Via Cassia and therefore, directly with the enemy historical city. The small villages that made up the area joined towards a single town, precisely Camollia, now the territory of the Contrada Sovrana dell'Istrice. An inscription on the outer arch recalls the entrance of Ferdinand I de' Medici to Siena: "Cor magis tibi sena pandit": "Siena opens a larger heart for you" (than the door you are crossing).

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