Pro Loco Sovicille
A church located in Personata is mentioned in a diploma of Emperor Henry II, dating back to 1014. A document of the Countess and Marchioness Matilde di Canossa informs us that in 1078 the church was suffragan of the parish of S. Giusto, while from documents of 1276-77 we learn that it was dedicated to S. Margherita. The hamlet of Personata, recalled since the XII century, became a century later the site of a small rural village, which in 1366 was joined to the more populous municipality of Sovicille. The church, now lost, was located near the farm estate that still retains the name of S. Margherita. The other houses of Personata, situated on a hill and perhaps inhabited since ancient times, were rebuilt in the fourth decade of the last century by the owner, the Polish diplomat Rudolf Prokopowski.

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