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Orto dei Pecci
This valley, located a few steps from the most famous Piazza del Campo, is known mainly by the name of "Orto de' Pecci", but it often happens to call it also "valley of Porta Giustizia". These two names have solid historical roots, even if the oldest place-name that distinguishes this area is undoubtedly Val di Montone, attested even in the eleventh century and in particular to a deed of sale of 1043. The area, which took its present name from 1500, is now a meeting point and refreshment for Sienese and non-Senese, given its central location, the much greenery that characterizes the area itself, anything but frequent to be found in the middle of the urban area and also for the receptive activities that have arisen over the years on the ground of this place, such as a restaurant where you can taste local specialties and a characteristic exhibition of animals of various species.

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