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Wood Museum
The Wood Museum is an Ethnographic museum that collects and makes a treasure of the stories of peoples' lives and work in the woods. The museum is at Orgia and is part of the System of the Sienese Museums of the Province of Siena. The museum which is in an ex-barn is divided into three rooms on two floors. The first room is all about the woods and the emotions that they bring and where there are artistic and literary references. In the next room there is a video recorder that shows the territory, the signs and traces of settlements and of the cultivations. On the first floor you can see how and with what they used to work in the woods in the past. There are oral accounts, photographs and a collection of tools. Outside there is a series of pathways you can take on the hills of the high Val di Merse with traces of the farming life and of all the various people whose livelihood depended on the woods. There are 5 different routes you can take: the count's walk, the charcoal pits, the hermit's shelter, the river and Castiglion che Dio sol sa. The aproximate 50 km. of paths are marked by the CAI.

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