Modena Cathedral
The metropolitan cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo and San Geminiano, or more commonly the Duomo of Modena, is the main place of worship in the city of Modena, located in Emilia Romagna. Today's cathedral stands on the remains of an earlier and very old church, called La Mutina, which had been plundered and destroyed in large part by invasions and floods. Work on the cathedral began in the early twelfth century, precisely on 23 May 1099, as reported on a plaque inside the structure, on the private initiative of citizens of Modena, long struggling with the local institutions of the city and eager to have a new place of worship. The architect Lanfranco and the sculptor Wiligelmo, together with the so-called Maestri Comacini, mainly contributed to the works. Over the centuries, the initial work has been modified and restored several times. Finally, in 2007, it was the subject of a major consolidation of a number of load-bearing beams.

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