I, Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0, bit.ly/2AFPibi
Fortezza da Basso
The Fortezza da Basso (or also the Fortezza di San Giovanni Battista, in homage to the patron saint of Florence), since 1967 is the main structure of the fair and congress center of Florence and central Italy, located in a strategic position in the historic center of the Tuscan city. Built in 1500 by the court architect Antonio da Sangallo the young, the structure covers about 80,000 square meters, 55,000 of which are entirely covered: this feature makes it the perfect place to host holidays and other institutional events to be organized in the city. In this regard, it has been the seat of the historic Florence Handicrafts Fair for years. Combining classic styles with more modern environments, the conservative restoration of the entire area has been carried out taking into account the destination of the spaces and the needs of the organizers, exhibitors and visitors of the various pavilions. For example, special platforms have been installed to allow access even to guests with mobility difficulties.

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