Peter K Burian - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Basilica of St Lawrence
According to tradition, the Basilica of San Lorenzo was founded during the fourth century on a hill near the Corso del Mugnone, thanks to the donation of Giuliana, a matron of Jewish origin. The structure claims the title of the oldest church in Florence and the documents in fact attest that it was consecrated in 393 by St. Ambrose of Milan, considered one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the fourth century. It kept the title of cathedral for about 300 years, before it was transferred to the one of Santa Reparata, the current cathedral that we all admire today in ecstasy. Later it was the parish of the de' Medici family and this guaranteed it a considerable importance among the community. Among the places of greatest interest is the main cloister, from which you can access the museum, inside which you can admire a collection of liturgical instruments and precious reliquaries of the basilica. In particular, the tombstones of Donatello and Cosimo de' Medici are preserved here.

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