Paolo Monti - BEIC Foundation, Civico Archivio Fotografico of Milan., CC BY-SA 4.0,
Montefalcone Appennino
Montefalcone Appennino is a town in the province of Fermo, in the Marche region. The characteristic of this town lies in its location: it is built entirely on a sandstone cliff, at an altitude of 780 meters above sea level. The cliff is located in the center between the valleys of the Aso and Tenna, which allows the view of beautiful views towards the Sibylline Mountains and the Laga Mountains. This location, unique in its kind, has many places that deserve to be visited, such as the castle, located in the upper part of the promontory, the Franciscan monastery, dating from 1300 and the Museum of Fossils and Minerals, set up in the eighteenth-century rooms of Palazzo Felici. The town covers about 16 square kilometers and currently has 414 residents.

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