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Nice Places helps you discover points of interest in your area, while giving you a brief history and much more!

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Why Nice Places?

The artistic, historical and cultural richness is a very precious asset for our country, Italy as well as many others. According to the number of UNESCO sites by country, Italy ranks first in the world.

We believe that knowing the history and the uniqueness of places around us is a way to gain appreciation of not only a specific location, but the country as a whole. It can also be a fun way to get excited about traveling and discovering new places that may not be very well known, but no less interesting.

The Nice Places app lists a multitude of places to visit, includes a picture of the location, offers directions, a brief overview of that location and much more! When you are in the app, choose your point of interest and activate the navigator to reach it. When you arrive to your point of interest, the Nice Places app offers a historical overview of your destination.

They are wonders distributed a little in all our regions, which is rare because abroad it's not like that, and then they are distributed wonders all the time: it starts from antiquity, then to the Middle Ages and then to the Renaissance, '600,' 700, '800 and beyond. This is also a rarity because abroad there are wonders but, usually, they are confined to certain specific periods in each country. In Italy every generation, for more than twenty-five centuries has been able to create works that excite, of the works that UNESCO defines "heritage of humanity" and this makes us very proud of being Italian, but it also obliges us to protect and enhance this heritage and above all give it intact to the next generations of the entire planet.
Alberto Angela, "Meraviglie", Rai 2018


Places around you

You can find the points of interest that are registered on Nice Places by using your mobile phone's map service. Below the map, is a list of places in order by distance from you. Clicking the point of interest from the map or the list shows the map view. If you want to navigate to that location, click on the map, then start navigation.


This feature lets you search for a place or choose from a list of that is divided by city and country.

New places

This section offers the latest addtions and updates to Nice Places. We periodically update our app with new points of interest and their histories.


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