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Villa Chigi De Vecchi
The north face of the Villa rests on a typical medieval fortress base, but we have sure historical notices beginning from 1450 when in Toiano arose two fortresses, belonging to Iacopo Pini, one of the nine governors of the Republic of Siena. One of the two fortresses is still existing: the "Palazzaccio", spectacular example of the senese austere Middle Ages. The other one was trasformed in the XVI century in a farm, whose traces are still recoverable in the Villa in spite of the improvements introduced in the following centuries. In the XVII century it became a Villa belonging to the De Vecchi family. As time went by, other improvements and changes were realized according to the fashion and to the various owners' requirements. The Villa belonged to the Chigi Family when, in 1707, the vault of the living-room was frescoed. When the Villa became property of the Mieli Family the chapel was trasformed in a wonderful stable and the park was restyled according to the Lyberty style.

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