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Etruscan Tombs at Luco
The first acheological discoveries that were noted go back to 1725 when the Cavalier Ventura Venturi found an Etruscan tomb on his property. Other findings, eight tombs 'a camera' which were excavated in the limestone, came about in 1899 in the lands of the Count Piccolomini. The most consistent necropolis, eighteen tombs in all, was excavated in 1964 under the direction of Prof. K. Meredith Philips, at the base of Poggio Luco. The tombs can be divided into two distinct groups: tombs cut into the rock, provided with 'dromoi' and central rooms, with benches along the walls; and tombs which have a niche dug into the limestone or in the ground. The most complex of all develops for almost 20 meters and along the central corridor, eight different sepulchral rooms of various dimensions open on to it. They all have the benches along the walls. In the explored tombs thirteen coins were found that seem to have been coined within a period of about 40 years, that go from 205-200 to 165-155 B.C. Other items that were found include an elegant bronze shuttle-like fibula, 'biansate' earthen pots and fragments of large bowls from Volterra all of which are visible in the Archeological Museum of Siena.

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