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Pieve di San Giusto in Casciano di Murlo
The Pieve di San Giusto of 1189 is mentioned in a document of 1189 in which Pope Clement III confirms to the Sienese church, and for it to Bishop Bono, jurisdiction over the territory and the buildings that were part of it. The church is located in the town of Casciano di Murlo. The actual building, which can be traced back to the late Romanesque period. The church has a cruciform ground plan – Latin cross with a single nave, with a protruding transept. The building appears without decorative characters, except for the window on the facade, adorned with a ring with circular section, characterized by a bichrome motif. It has a Romanesque,but we can see Lombard and Pisan components. The first are identifiable in the conformation of the main facade window; the second in the dichromy of the archivolt on the window itself. The square bell tower, located on the south side of the building at the intersection between the nave and the transept, appears to be added later to the pre-eminent phase of construction of the church. Internally the church has a Latin cross plan, with a rectangular apse. The finish is plaster, except for the facing of the arches and pilasters, which are made of stone.

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