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Pieve di San Giusto
Its Romanesque church, dedicated to the Saints Giusto and Clemente, retains an apse of the tenth or early eleventh century, built with travertine, river pebbles and fragments of brick. Some decorative elements embellish the masonry. The first mention of the parish is in a decree of the 11th February 1078, in which Matilda di Toscana, dux et marchionissa, accepting the request of Ildibrando Pesce, lawyer of the bishopric of Volterra, confirmed this bishopric the possession of lands, things and churches placed within the parishes of Molli, Pernina and S. Giusto. She also placed a call of one hundred golden coins against those who would try to usurp these goods. The church changed its appearance in the seventeenth century, when the priest reduced one of the three naves to a cellar. The two remaining naves are separated by four arches resting on round columns made by limestone and brick that creates a beautiful duotone, also visible in the outer walls next to the apse. The village built near the church, has always presented a few houses, but in the early fourteenth century, it formed one of the municipalities of Siena. There is a low medieval building with arched windows, leaning against a tower, provided also of arched windows and a shaped frame that runs the height of the window sills.

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