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Pieve di Molli
The existence of the parish of S. Giovanni a Molli is attested since 1178, when the Duchess and Marchioness Matilda di Canossa gave the bishops of Volterra lands, things and churches within the parishes of Molli, San Giusto and Pernina. The church, which still exists and which has been changed and probably expanded over the centuries, now offers three naves, divided by four arches that rest on massive, square shaped pillars. The roof is supported by three trusses. The altar was rebuilt, using perhaps some stones of the tower, destroyed by a lightning in 1930. The portal shows an emblem of San Bernardino and signs of a restoring, probably done in early 1700. A small village, built around the church, took the name of Pieve a Molli and became the center of a rural village extended over much of the Montagnola, whose most important settlements consisted of Cerbaia and Tegoia. In 1267 Sozzo Angiolieri was rector of the village, (cousin of the more famous poet Cecco Angiolieri of Siena). A statute of 1338 has left an interesting account of the organization and communal life within the community. In 1366 the village was united with that of Sovicille.

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