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Park of the Tebaide
In front of the Villa Cetinale is the beautiful park of the Tebaide. Its was created at the end of the 1600's and is tied to a legend. 'The Cardinal of Rome, future Pope Alexander VII, was invited by his brother to see the statues that had been installed in the magnificent park of holm-oaks. The Cardinal was delighted in observing the beautiful statues that had been erected on the stone pedestals until one of them turned out to be a very pretty real live girl, because she lost her balance and fell to the ground. The Cardinal became very angry and left for Rome ordering his brother to have real stone sculptures made so as to repair for the hoax he had been submitted to.' Of these statues only six or seven still exist, but they give us a very good idea of the grandeur of the park in the XVII century.

Near to Park of the Tebaide

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