Pro Loco Murlo
Mines of Murlo
In the Crevole Valley, in the ninth century following the discovery in the area of an important deposit of lignite, was born the Village of the Miniere di Murlo. In addition to the lignite excavated, there were also semi-finished products, obtained from the raw materials present in the district. To facilitate the disengagement of the material it was set up a railway of 23 km that connected the mines with the Monte Antico station of the Siena-Grosseto railway. Used alternately, depending on the level of exploitation of the deposit. The line was closed in 1947. The Village of the Mine is located in a flat position to allow the armament with railway connecting to the markets and to ensure the daily service of the yards. Due to its high historical and cultural interest, a tour of the area takes about two hours from the beginning of the village located at one thousand two hundred meters from the Castle of Murlo and at an altitude of about one hundred meters lower. Most of the original structures of the Village have been recovered to be used as residential building while maintaining the essential characteristics that still allow to see the distinctive structures. Nowadays you can walk along a naturalistic and geological route that starts from the old lignite mines of Murlo, on the beautiful route of the disused railway. With two daring passages over the bridges of the Crevole stream, you can reach the town of La Befa.

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