Pro Loco Murlo
The homonymous village, located near Vescovado di Murlo seems to have had Longobard origins and that, According to some, its name comes from Wolf in Piso or Weight or from the image of a wolf that after being shot was placed on a scale plate to evaluate the size and how dangerous it was. The presence of this predator that roamed in our areas had been reported even in recent times representing a serious danger for the grazing flocks. Distinctive and charming village, among the thick woods where you can hear the cries of roe deer. In this small village, there are Villanovan remains that we still do not know what its origins really are over time. Among the many fairytale corners of this ancient place, there is the waterfall named l’Ingolla. Located at the bottom of the valley, reachable only by a path hidden among very steep woods, you can hear its gurgling during the winter, when the River Crevole is full.

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