Pro Loco Murlo
The territory where the hamlet insists is inhabited since ancient times, as supported by archaeological finds: such as two tombs dating back to the Etruscan period, around the sixth century BC; Among the sites of Roman times, in particular, from 1976 to 1977 it was excavated here a large villa with a thermal place that had had two phases of life (I-II century and IV-V century). The village of la Befa dates back to the Early Middle Age and it is mentioned in a document of 25 January 1084 as property of the nuns of Sant'Ambrogio in Montecellese. It then became part of the lands of the Vallombrosan order of the Badia Ardenga. When monastery was suppressed by Pope Pius II in 1462 and the property taken over the archbishop of Siena. The church of San Michele Arcangelo is a Catholic place of worship located in Montepertuso, in the municipality of Murlo. The parish is remembered from 1214; in 1475 it was decorated with the triptych with Saint Michael and other saints of Benvenuto di Giovanni, then moved to the church of Vescovado and replaced by a copy. It was completely restored at the beginning of the twentieth century in neo-Gothic form: inside three altars were built made of pietra serena with a rich marble tabernacle on the high altar. It has had a remarkable recovery for the activity of the Community “Mondo Nuovo” that founded there one of its rehab centers. They are constantly working to recover the architectural structure that ended in 1997 with the restoration of both the church and the outbuildings. The church was decorated with a new tabernacle sculpted by Chiara Tambani (1997).

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