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Fortress of Radicofani
The Fortress of Radicofani is immersed, as the town from which it takes its name, between the hills of Siena, in the heart of Val d'Orcia and Via Francigena. The work, already mentioned in sources dated 973 AD, is a complex of fortifications located on a hill of basalt rock 896 meters high immediately above the village of Radicofani. At the centre of numerous historical and mythological events, the fortress was subject to continuous changes from the point of view of both the control exercised and the purpose for which it was intended. It was, in particular, at the center of the dispute between the Guelphs and Ghibellines that saw the cities of Siena and Florence opposed. A particular episode related to these events concerns a fact dating back to the fifteenth century, according to which the Sienese, worried about the fact that a large part of the road was difficult to control from the fortress, replaced it, after making it unusable, with a new route that passed under the fortifications. Many parts of the fortress have required extensive restoration over the centuries: in particular, the central tower: completely renovated in 1929, is now very different from the original. Since January 1999 the fortress has been reopened to the public and is now entirely open.

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