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Fonte Gaia
Fonte Gaia is the most famous fountain in Siena. It was built in the periods of maximum splendor of the Republic of Siena and it's supplied by water from the "bottini" under the city. A fountain in the main square of the city was a symbol of wealth and power. The one that is present today is a copy of the original that was replaced because it was made with a type of marble (the marble of the Montagnola Senese) that deteriorated easily. In the centre there is the Madonna and Child surrounded by two angels, then there are the allegories of the virtues (charity, faith, fortitude, justice, patience, prudence, temperance and wisdom) while under them there are six wolfs (lupe). In the original fountain by Jacopo della Quercia there were also two statues above the front pillars: Rea Silvia and Acca Larenzia.

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