Pro Loco Murlo
Chapel of Santa Maria in Piantasala
Located near an important crossroads, as wanted at that time, and close to few houses, the religious building invited with its presence to turn with devotion to the sacred image kept there to have the certainty of taking the right path. A poetic and suggestive way to suggest a short stop and recite a prayer or give a small offer. The chapel has sixteenth-century architectural features in the main facade. The chapel was a place of great devotion for the presence of the fresco by Andrea di Niccolò, now transferred to the parish church. The population paid testimony of faith, as shown by the votive offerings collected in the elegant nineteenth-century cases. To frame the central image of the Madonna and Child, in the seventeenth century a canvas was painted with a small window in the center enclosed in a thin shaped frame. From the fifteenth-century fresco we can see only the sinopia, on the right wall, where the work was placed at the beginning of the twentieth century, after the intervention of detachment in solid that had allowed the movement of the paint from the high altar to the new location.

Near to Chapel of Santa Maria in Piantasala

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