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Castiglion Che Dio Sol Sa
The castle Castiglion che Dio sol sa is named after the nature of the place where it is located; wild and isolated (transl. Castel that only God knows). Its appearance is not very different from what it was in the thirteenth century: a fortified court, which is accessed through an arched portal, surrounded by some buildings of the Middle Ages, a tall tower with arched windows and a shaped frame at the base of the windows. A first circular wall delimits the courtyard, that, rounded off in a corner by another building, contains on the lower floor the church with the entrance from the outside. The castle was once known as Castiglione Balzetti. Ceramic materials found during excavations allow us to date its origin to the X century, but the first document that mentions it dates back to 1212. In 1262 the Constituto of Siena mentions the woods around the castle, where it was forbidden to collect firewood for more than two coins. In early 1300 it belonged to the Saracini family of Siena.

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