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Castle of Spadaletto
Located in a strategic point as near the river Orcia and the Via Francigena, it was built in the twelfth century by the religious Ugolino da Rocchione as a place of accommodation for pilgrims. In 1236 it was donated to the Spedale of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, which had in mind to design a flourishing grancia (fortified farm) as well as a hospice. The entire complex has a square shape in which towers stand at every corner, also contains Renaissance revisions (1446) as some stretches of walls tilted "shoe" and the anti-port. Finally, in the first inner courtyard we can find on the left the Gothic church of San Niccolò, built in the fourteenth century and on the right a second courtyard, preceded by a door embellished with the coat of arms of the Santa Maria della Scala, which leads to the mastio, or the main tower of the castle where the lord resided.

Near to Castle of Spadaletto

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