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Castle of Brolio
The first documents that mention the fortification located in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti date back to the first years after 1000. In some of them, in fact, are reported the facts regarding a donation made by the Marquis Bonifazio to the Badia Fiorentina concerning the castle and surrounding land. Already in 1141 the property became part of the heritage of the noble Florentine family Ricasoli, still owners of the same. In conjunction with the growing turmoil that characterized the relationship between Siena and Florence, the castle needed massive fortification work. After the Medici affirmation of the Sienese city, the fort assumed its destination, which is still largely preserved today, i.e. an elegant residence and a renowned agricultural and wine-producing company. Today the castle, well preserved and that in centuries has added to the prestigious wine business those of accommodation for tourists and local tavern, is presented as a set of several styles, the result of numerous renovations and changes made necessary over the centuries. Only in a few parts of the bases it is possible to find the original stone.

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