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Chapel of Piazza del Campo
The Chapel of Piazza del Campo, located inside the square of the same name, is a marble construction erected at the base of the Tower of Mangia. The prevailing thesis is that the work was made to thank the gods for the end of the plague that had heavily affected the Tuscan city in the twelfth - thirteenth centuries. The construction works, according to documents of the time, began in 1325 on a project by the architect Domenico D'Agostino and were completed by Giovanni De Cecco around 1376. The Gothic features of the structure are attributable to the latter. The decorations and ornamentation were entrusted first to the sculptor Antonio Federighi and then to Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as "Sodoma", who concentrated mainly on the fresco above the altar, unfortunately now almost completely damaged.

Near to Chapel of Piazza del Campo

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