Ra Boe / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, bit.ly/2SI8zE5
Piscina Mirabilis
You can always be impressed by the great engineering works of the ancient Romans, especially with regard to water management. Here we are in front of the largest cistern built by the Romans, so much so that it is nicknamed "the cathedral of water". The arches and naves are reminiscent of the distinctive features of cathedrals: 48 cruciform pillars hold up this huge structure carved into the tuff, arranged in four rows of 12. The Piscina Mirabilis, with a capacity of 12,000 cubic metres, collected the water that reached it from the Augustan aqueduct; water that was then a source of supply for the numerous ships belonging to the Classis Misenensis of the Roman Navy that moored at the port of Miseno. To facilitate cleaning, on the bottom there is a swimming pool whose purpose was to collect the impurities present in the water and also the lighting of the environment was designed to prevent the proliferation of algae and bacteria.

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