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Massa Cathedral
The Cathedral of Massa, dedicated to Saints Peter and Francis, is the result of works that have been carried out from the fifteenth century to the present day. There is certain news of the existence of the church from 1477 when, at the behest of Taddea Malaspina, the titles and assets of the extra-urban church of San Remigio and San Pancrazio and the suppressed convent of Turano were transferred there. The present church, in fact, was built from the ruins of the previous convent of San Francesco and was consecrated in 1389. The façade is a reconstruction dating back to 1936, based on a project by Cesario Fellini, while in the basement there is the Cybo-Malaspina burial ground. The cathedral houses precious works such as a Madonna and Child by Pinturicchio, a crib made by Benedetto Buglioni in coloured terracotta and the marble altars made by Bergamini.

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