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Ponte Vecchio
The iconic bridge of Florence owes its main characteristic to the buildings on it: they are goldsmiths' and jewellers' workshops located on both sides of the bridge and which leave room for the central walkway. Above the shops on the east side of the bridge passes a part of the Vasari Corridor. The architectural typology of the Ponte Vecchio is defined by the lowered arches: this is the first example of application of this model in the West. This bridge is the last of a series of bridges that were destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, but we know for sure that the area in which it is located is the same in which it was defined, shortly after the founding of Florence, the first crossing of the river Arno. In ancient times the shops of the bridge were occupied by butchers for a reason of urban decorum: they could dispose of waste meat processing directly in the river, which with the flow would take them away. Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge in Florence that was not destroyed during the Second World War, according to a hypothesis thanks to a group of goldsmiths who cut the threads of ignition of the mines.

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