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Church of Saint Fridianus
The Church of Saint Fridianus is one of the largest churches in the city and one of the best examples of late baroque Florentine architecture. Characterized by its unfinished façade, the church stands on the site of the monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli, founded in 1450 and ceded in 1628 to Cistercian monks, who were commissioned by Gherardo Silvani to build the present building. There were various opinions on the origin of the project: initially, in fact, the façade was to be facing Borgo San Frediano; however, the commissioners preferred the church to be facing the Arno river and the city centre. The work was entrusted to the architect Gherardo Silvani; when he died in 1675, it was continued from 1680 by Antonio Cerruti and was completed only in 1689, when Antonio Ferri created the characteristic drum dome. The reasons for not completing the facade are not clear. In 1783 the church was transformed into a parish church and the convent was suppressed and turned into an archiepiscopal seminary.

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