Di asocio, CC BY 3.0, bit.ly/39TbMG3
Cascine Park
The Cascine Park, also commonly known as Le Cascine, is considered by many as the real green lung of the city of Florence. The first nucleus of this park dates back to the 16th century and was represented by the Cascine dell'Isola estate, acquired by Duke Alessandro I de' Medici around 1530. Currently the park covers an area of about 130 hectares that extends parallel to the river Arno and hosts a very rich arboreal heritage, composed of over 19 thousand species of plants from various parts of the world. The park's fauna is also very rich, ranging from the most common swifts and sparrows to the most characteristic grey herons and egrets, two types of birds belonging to the ardeidae family. The area is the usual gathering place for Florentine citizens and foreigners, an ideal place to spend time in the open air. Moreover, Le Cascine are also a market place (every Tuesday morning), host to events (cultural events and fairs) and much more.

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