I, Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0, bit.ly/3k15mct
Palazzo Torrigiani
Palazzo Torrigiani (or Palazzo Del Nero) is a 17th century building overlooking the Lungarno, in the centre of Florence. Giorgio Vasari gives us information on the origins of this work, who reports that the initial project is attributable to the architect Baccio D'agnolo commissioned by the Florentine Roberto Nasi. When Nasi died in 1543, the property was purchased by brothers Agostino and Francesco Del Nero in 1552. The Del Nero brothers not only completed Nasi's project but also expanded it. In 1816 the building became the property of the Torrigiani, who immediately made it their main residence. Here the family decided to transfer their conspicuous collection of works of art: for this purpose it became necessary to modernize and expand the work. The palace appears in the list drawn up in 1901 by the General Direction of Antiquities and Fine Arts, as a monumental building to be considered national artistic heritage, and has been subject to architectural restrictions since 1914. On the façade it is still possible to admire the coats of arms of the Del Nero family and the Torrigiani family.

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