I, Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0, bit.ly/2Lt6sNi
St. Ambrogio Church
The Church of Sant'Ambrogio in Florence is probably one of the oldest buildings in the Tuscan capital. The first news about this place of worship, in fact, date back to 988, but the construction seems to date back to the seventh century. The place of worship was originally intended as a female convent, built to commemorate the passage of the saint, who stopped in the Tuscan capital between 393 and 394. The Church has been the protagonist of various restoration and modification works over the centuries, the primary reason for the variety of styles found both inside and outside the same: specifically, the facade, completely white and unadorned, was built as we see it today in 1880, according to the neo-Gothic style. Characteristic is the presence of an ancient plaque located on the edge of the facade, precisely at the corner with Borgo la Croce: specifically, it is a slab that represents a city turreted with the inscription "Red City". This curious inscription seems to refer to the so-called "Powers".

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