Castle of Sammezzano
The history of the Castle of Sammezzano, located in the municipality of Reggello, a few kilometers from Florence, is curious and, if you like, also a bit sad. The castle of Sammezzano was built in the sixteenth century, but only during the nineteenth was transformed into an incredible residence in Moorish style. The castle consists of 365 rooms each decorated in a unique way, one for each day of the year. Its owner Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona, a political exponent of 19th century Florence of Spanish origin, dedicated his life to this grandiose project and lived in the castle for over forty years. Plundered during the Second World War, it was transformed into a luxury hotel immediately after the Second World War. In the '90s it was bought by an English company, which soon fell into insolvency, and so began its state of neglect and abandonment in which it still finds itself today. Many associations are working for the rescue of the structure, in particular savesammezzano.com. The castle is still at auction.

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