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House of Galileo Galilei
The House of Galileo Galilei, located on the Costa of San Giorgio in Florence, is a structure that is believed to have been owned by the famous Tuscan scientist. It is easily recognizable by the presence of decorations on the facade, in particular a portrait of the astronomer himself. Linked to the property there are a number of interesting anecdotes and curiosities. According to a document of the time, this house was purchased by Galileo in 1634 by Jacopo Zuccagni, but the previous owner seems not to have wanted to recognize the possession of Galileo until the decisions of the Supreme Magistrate. Moreover, it seems that it was also the site of a visit that Grand Duke Ferdinand II made to Galileo; to commemorate the event on the facade was placed a marble plaque with inscription, topped by a medallion with a frescoed portrait of Galilei. On the rear facade of the house there is a sundial built by the scientist in 1620.

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