I, Sailko, CC BY 2.5, bit.ly/2Dc9GSU
Laurentian Library
Wanted by Pope Clement VII de' Medici to house the precious collection of manuscripts of the family, the Laurentian Library (in Italian: Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana) was designed by Michelangelo, who personally directed the work between 1523 and 1534, the year of his move to Rome. The work was completed in 1571 by Giorgio Vasari and Bartolomeo Ammannati, commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici to continue the work according to Michelangelo's drawings and it was opened to the public that same year. The access to the structure, consisting of a large staircase, leads to the Reading Room, perfectly preserved over time and still made up of the original elements, still intact. Famous personalities of the time, such as Giovan Battista Tasso, Giorgio Vasari and Niccolò Tribolo, a pupil of Michelangelo, worked on the interior of the Library. The Library still preserves precious manuscripts of Greek and Latin writers, which testify to the interest in classical authors that arose at the Medici court.

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