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Castle of Roccascalegna
The Castle of Roccascalegna, situated on the hills surrounding the Sangro river, was presumably built by the Lombards, a barbarian people who settled during the 17th century in the area between Abruzzo and Molise. Here they started many battles with the Byzantines and the reason for the war is probably at the basis of the construction of the castle. During the centuries there are few documents that report news of the Castle of Roccascalegna. Some of these, however, tell of a restoration of the structure in 1500 to make it more resistant to the advent of firearms. Starting from 1700 the Castle lived in a state of progressive abandonment due to the neglect of the various feudal families who owned it over the years. Only from 1985, the year of the donation of the fort by the Nanni Corti family to the municipality of Roccascalegna, did the restoration works begin, then finished in 1996. Curious also the name. A famous legend tells that in 1646 the mythical Baron reintroduced a medieval practice whereby every new bride of the feud of Roccascalegna had to spend her wedding night with him instead of her husband. On that occasion the Baron would be stabbed in the nuptial thalamus and he, dying, would leave his bloody handprint on a rock of the tower, which then collapsed in 1940.

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