Collaboration with Pro Loco of Sovicille started

The enhancement of our territory is one of the reasons that led us to create Nice Places and that still drives us today. Recently we turned to the Tourist Association Pro Loco of Sovicille to see if there were the conditions for collaboration. We believe that the creation of a channel of communication and an exchange of information can bring advantages to both parties.

We have presented our project and have found, with our pleasure, a great openness and availability. Yesterday, at the meeting of the members of the Pro Loco, was presented and approved the program 2019, which reads:

Last collaboration started, but promising and innovative for the themes it deals with is with two young fellow citizens, university students who have developed a free app, which through geolocation, allows you to check the points of interest in the area where you are and you can see the images of the places and read the relevant information in Italian and English. It’s called Nice Places, we’ll see we get an essay at the next edition of Sovicille delle Meraviglie.

Sovicille delle Meraviglie is an event in which castles, villas and parish churches of the Municipality of Sovicille that are usually closed are opened to the public. The next edition will be held on 27 and 28 April 2019.

For this occasion all the points of interest of the territory of Sovicille will be included on Nice Places, with descriptions and photos taken by the Pro Loco.

Nice Places

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